About Us

shree chandika ambika navdurga kalika and hanumaji mandir trust are specializes in indian vastu shastra hindu mataji temple architecture. We design all our religious structures after taking into consideration our parnera trust. along with the history of Shivaji Maharaja there is one more history attached with parnera hill. On the hill there is a pir of Chand Pir Bawa. Here is a chest of the pir bawa and it is said that the finger is at Pardi and Head is at Bagwada. both places are 15 to 20 km away from valsad. parnera mandir trust are renovation of mataji temple and historical chattrapati shivaji maharaj killa to show on valsad gujarat indian history.

Parnera mataji temple have 499 stairs many local people daily early in the morning climb up and pray to god. It is said that when Maharaja Chattrapati Shivaji was on this hill goddess Ambica, Navdurga and Chandika had given the way to maharaja shivaji in the form of statue. The constuction work was started in the year 2001 and completed in 2008.